In the winter, because of cold weather and prolonged indoor activity, people often make rash decisions out of loneliness; for example, jumping into relationships, hitting up exes, etc. 

Rather than investing in something human, potentially messy, and expensive, foster a pet. It’s a win-win situation. It will ride out the winter with you when it’s most vulnerable and you get companionship.


Late at night in the winter, temptations can get high. That’s why Paws will create a text line for people to avoid cuffing. Texting “you up” will lead to an automatic reply showing pets available for fostering. Cuffing crisis averted.

Facebook frames will be created to get the word out and Paws will create stickers to let people who slide into your DMs know that you’re not available.


Banners will appear on dating sites like


People love their sexy playlist. But Paws knows that when you put on these playlists, you’re not always thinking straight. That’s why we’ll create a special track we’ve written for Spotify to remind you of what you really need. Hint: it’s a puppy.


Paws will host walking meet-and-greets in the heart of cuffing season: neighborhood hotspots.

CW: Juan Garza